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New Year's Eve Gala at the Hotel Kaiser's Hof

New Year's Eve Gala Package

Let's celebrate the turn of the year together with a befitting gala dinner package.

The package includes:


The New Year's Eve gala menu

Drink accompaniment

Lucky charm

Glass of sparkling wine to toast


Midnight snack

The menu

Greetings from the kitchen


Salmon trout | Miso | Parsley


Chestnut Cappuccino | Wild boar ham


Champagne Risotto | Crayfish


Lake trout | Icicles | sweet potato


Pumpkin Sorbet | Verjuice


The best of deer

Savoy cabbage | Dirndl | truffle


Raspberry | Chocolate


Epoisse-Bruleé meets brandy parfait

Nuts & Grapes

Price per person 160.00
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