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The main event location

The main event location with its unique open roof structure is the heart of the location. Ideal for weddings and family celebrations, but also perfect for tempbuildings, seminars and retreats. Restored with great attention to detail, the centuries-old walls offer an incomparable ambience for your celebration.

SIZE 160sqm
PEOPLE 10 - 100

Eventstadl, location, Kaisershof, Kamptal, seminar room, wedding
Eventlocation, Hochzeitsloaction, Vintage hochzeit, Kaisershof
Hochzeitslocation, Kaisershof, Eventlocation, Kamptal

The courtyard

Whether for a toast with a glass of champagne or for a social get-together with your loved ones: the quiet, paved courtyard gives the Kaiser's Hof unique charm and makes every moment there a very special one.

Kaisershof, Innenhof, Winzerhof, Kamptal, Urlaub am LAnd
Kaisershof, Innenhof
Kaisershof, Eventlocation, Hochzeitslocation, Heiraten, Feiern

The garden

The extensive garden makes the dream of many bridal couples and guests come true: an outdoor wedding. Swear your eternal love to each other in the middle of the greenery - a celebration can hardly be more romantic!

Or use the garden for a creative break during the exam. There is room for creativity here.

The vaulted cellar

The historic walls of the vaulted cellar provide just the right setting for many occasions: be it exquisite jazz evenings, a lively disco night or an atmospheric wedding, should the weather not be so good.


SIZE 180sqm

Kaisershof garten, Kamptal, Eventlocation, Heiraten im Kamptal
Hochzeit Kaisershof, Garten
Kaisershof, heiraten
Kaisershof vaulted cellar, party room, Kamptal
Kaisershof, vaulted cellar, party room
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