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The history of the house at Herrengasse 82 is inextricably linked to the development of Straß.

The Kaiser's Hof, as it is called today, was already owned by the Kaiser family of bakers and innkeepers when the Josephine conscription lists were created in 1770. Johann Baptist Kaiser acquired house number 79 in 1777 and converted it into a bakery, so one can assume that house 82 was not another bakery, but was already being run as an inn.

According to oral tradition, there was a “Maria Theresian concession” for house 82, the “zum Schwarzen Adler” inn.

The room layout on the upper floor clearly corresponds to its use as a middle-class residential building.

In 1876 Dr. Ignaz Kaiser, Knight of Falkenthal, named as the owner. He was the grandson of the baker and innkeeper Johann Baptist Kaiser, was able to study in Vienna and became a notary in Vienna. 

In 1848 he became a member of the 1st German National Assembly in Frankfurt, later a member of the Austrian Parliament and as such was raised to the hereditary nobility with the title “von Falkenthal”.

Dr. Ignaz Kaiser von Falkenthal died in Straß in 1895 and may have spent at least part of his retirement here.

The furnishing of the rooms on the upper floor was apparently initiated by him and corresponds in a way to the upper rural bourgeoisie of the late 19th century. There will have been a hall in front of it, as in every good inn.


The ground floor continued to be used as an inn, as can be seen from the photograph from 1894.


One can deduce from the family history that the “zum Schwarzen Adler” inn was not run by the family, but was leased out. At the end of the 19th century, the upper floor contained not only the owner's apartment (entire street front), but probably also the innkeeper's apartment (today's bridal suite), which was also the household care of Dr. Emperor had taken over.


In the 20th century, the large manor apartment was divided into two residential units by bricking up the connecting door.


In 2003, on the initiative of the then owner Franz Brandl, the house was placed under monument protection.


The current owner, Jürgen Peetz, finally woke up the Kaiser's court from a long, deep Sleeping Beauty sleep. He fell in love with the farm, purchased it and restored it with great attention to detail, almost from the foundation walls to the roof structure.


Today the Kaisers Hof is run by the Wimmer-Joannidis family and once again houses a small restaurant, a pretty little boutique hotel and a modern event hall.

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